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I’m not asking you for money or to join my mailing list to get this e-book. You can download it free right now by clicking on the direct download link below.

Its a well known fact that almost all internet marketers require you to join their marketing list to get their ‘free reports’. But is that really free if you have to pay with your email address?

This is a little different. You see, I don’t mind if you join my list or not.

So many people join a list, download the freebies and then unsubscribe. Some use fake email addresses in the attempt to get the free download without making a commitment. Even if they do signup they just delete any emails and that just lowers your email open rates.

The bottom line is… If you don’t want to be on my list, no need to stuff it up with fake emails or on the roof unsubscribe rankings, I don’t want that. If you see this e-book being of some interest to you please download it with no strings attached.

However… If you like my free e-book and would like to be informed of future editions, please do join my list and receive the IMMagazine each month. No bombarding you with get rich quick affiliate offers just once a month with the link to the magazine and the occasional thumbs up when a new e-book is published by IMM Studios.

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Robin Bateman

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